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Dear Parent,

Do you ever wonder if it is it really possible to turn around a disobedient child’s behavior?

My name is Susan Epstein, LCSW, and I have been counseling and coaching parents for 27 years. I have helped parents with practically every child situation possible to help turn around their child’s behavior. For years I have only shared my parenting strategies with my personal clients, but finally I have collected all of these and put them into a manual that I would like to share with you because not only is it possible, but I would like to show you how you can do this in 30 days or less. But first let me ask you this . . .

What part of your child’s behavior bothers you the most?

Is it the whining, begging, not listening, talking back, rolling eyes or not pitching in for chores? Or worse; disrespectful behavior, problems in school, problems in the community, drug/alcohol use, or even lying and stealing?

Are you feeling like you did something wrong but you don’t know what it is? And the real truth and saddest part about all of this is that you know deep down that your kid is a good and loving person. S/He just doesn’t act like it.

Have you tried everything to get your child to behave?

You know . . . grounding, restrictions, loss of privileges, loss of phone/computer time, ignoring, yelling, spanking, therapy, medications? Maybe you have had to send your child to live with another family member or to a therapeutic school outside of your community?

And maybe some of these things worked to a certain extent but then your child’s behavior slipped back to where it was before or perhaps even got worse.

Where Did You Go Wrong?

If you are blaming yourself for your child or teen’s undesirable behaviors, you should know that it is not your fault! We have an epidemic in the United States and across other areas in the world. Children and adolescents are disrespecting their parents, teachers, neighbors and other authority figures at an alarming rate. More youth are finding themselves in court and on probation than ever before and parents are at a loss and don’t know what to do. Here’s why . . .

Not too many years ago it was acceptable to spank, yell and use harsh punishment with children. In today’s world this is NOT acceptable and in some cases against the law. We also know that corporal punishment and belittling is damaging to children. As a result many parents feel that their hands are tied and that they have been stripped of their parenting powers.

And maybe you think that you will have to live with this intense problem and sadness until your child grows up and moves out.

Well, I have news for you. Not only do you not have to continue living this way, but I  am about to show you how to take back your power and create a peaceful home life.

"Taking Back Your Parenting Powers
System 2.0!"

by Susan Epstein

Parenting Book


In this special collection of cutting edge strategies and techniques you’ll be able to take back the reigns, be powerful, and parent your kids the way they need to be parented in this new world we live in.


How to Train a Puppy

parenting To get your puppy to be obedient you have to keep repeating commands, such as, “Sit,” “Stay,” “Come,” over and over again until the puppy catches on.  When the puppy gets it right, you tell him, “Good Boy” or reward him with a treat. If the puppy doesn’t respond to you, you have to get on the floor and look him directly in the eyes, and let him know that you are the “leader or Alpha” of the pack. Do you lecture your puppy? Do you expect your puppy to give you a reason why he has disobeyed you? Of course not. You move on, and teach the puppy the command again.

When it comes to disciplining kids, it’s really not that different. You will need to repeat your command “do not talk to me that way,” until your child understands what is expected. Also explaining your rationale and reasons will go right over your child’s head (just like the puppy!).

Caesar Millan, the "Dog Whisperer" who you may have seen on Oprah, says our relationships with our dogs are all about energy. If you are aggressive and excitable with your puppy, your puppy will respond aggressively and excitable in return. On the other hand, if you are calm and collected your dog will follow your lead.

Take a minute and think about what happens when you yell or spank your child. The parents I have worked with tell me that not only does this not work but their child’s behavior becomes more out of control and the tantrums can escalate and last hours!

So if this sounds like your life and you are ready to learn simple but powerful techniques that I have taught thousands of parents who have successfully turned their child’s behavior around, then here’s the scoop . . .

How to Take Back Parenting Powers 2.0: The Advanced System

In this very special book you will discover:

  • 3 steps to ending back talk, forever! (never again will you hear… “No I won’t and you can’t make me!”)

  • The #1 secret of getting kids to listen - the very first time! (No more repeating!)

  • The 5 key elements to get your kids to start respecting you immediately. (Getting the “please, thank you” and appreciation you deserve)

  • Behavior/chore charts that really work to get kids to cooperate. (If you feel like it is easier to do it yourself than to ask your kids--this is for you.)

  • The #1 reason kids don’t eat and what to do about it. (Do you feel like a short order cook? Does everyone in your family want something different for dinner? Are you fed up? Then you’re going to love this section.)

  • The 6 best ways to deal with TV, video games and computer overuse (plus how to get them to listen to you when it’s time for dinner).

  • How to  teach kids the value of money and learn financial lessons. (Do you have a Gimme Gimme Kid?)

  • The 5 best ways to turn sibling fighting into sibling loving (and how to eliminate fighting altogether).

  • 10 important warning signs that your child/teen is using drugs/alcohol and what to do about it.  (How to find out for sure if your child is using/abusing while remaining close to your child/teen.)

  • 9 key elements in talking with your children about divorce. (When to tell, how to tell and what to tell for kids of all ages).

  • 5 essential skills for step-parents and blended families. (How to parent together and look like the Brady Bunch in spite of today’s new world challenges.)

  • 5 organizational tips for enjoying your kids while working from home (plus teaching your kids work ethics, respect and responsibility).

  • 5 ways to create and enhance a healthy marriage or partnership while raising kids. (Finally . . . find time for you and your mate that is meaningful and fun!)

What might happen to kids whose parents don’t learn these techniques?

  • Disrespect not only parents but other authority figures
  • Difficulty in the workplace
  • Anger issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Problems in school
  • Problems with drugs/alcohol
  • Problems with the law

Are you ready to turn your child’s behavior around in 24 hours or less?


This Advanced Parenting Power System includes...

  1. The Book
      Parenting Book

    "Taking Back Your Parenting Powers System 2.0" by Susan P. Epstein, LCSW.
    Over 50 pages of techniques and strategies to start taking back your parenting power. (Premium Bonus: audio recordings of the book.)

  2. Bonus #1 Special Report


    "The Real Scoop on How Labels, Meds & Individual Therapy are Hurting Our Kids!"

    Have you gone from doctor, pharmacy to therapy with your child? Are you sick and tired of sitting in doctor's offices only to be told that the meds just need to be tweaked and upped again and again?

      Does your child seem distant? Is he gaining weight, not sleeping, becoming more agitated and angrier than before? Then read on . . .

    In this Special Report you will discover the secret reasons . . .

    • Why the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and physicians don't know hat is best for your child and family.
    • How teachers and schools push parents into medicating their children.
    • How psychotherapists and counselors create discord, conflict and trauma in families with the use of Individual Psychotherapy.
    • How to truly help your child function at his or her best without compromising your family relationships.
    • The #1 most obvious thing that you can give your kids that won't cost you a penny.

    Are you ready to get off the merry-go-round and get your stolen parenting powers back? Then don't miss this Special Rreport (Value: $29.00)

  3. Bonus #2 Special Report


    "What You Need to Know Before Talking with Your Kids About Sex & Drugs."

    You are About to Discover, How, When and When to Have the Most Difficult Conversations with Your Kids

      Are you worried about how, when and where your child is getting information about sex and drugs? Do you cringe at the though of sitting down and speaking to your kids about these subjects? Are you afraid you and they will be so embarrassed that the conversation will be a disaster?

       Or worse, are you aware that your child is sexually active or using drugs right now?

    In this Special Report you will discover the following . . .

    • What you can do to instantly disarm your child's resistance and make these conversations comfortable for both of you.
    • How to get clear about your own values and beliefs.
    • How to educate yourself about the issues you want to discuss with your kids.
    • Where to have difficult conversations with your kids.
    • What to say and do when your kids confide in you that they are sexually active or using drugs.

    If this is something that you want to know . . . then don't miss this Special Report (Value: $29.00)

  4. Premium Bonus #3 Audio MP3

    susan epstein"Why Kids Act the Way they Act and What to do About it." Interview with Parent Coach Susan by Reporter Armi Sevilla-Rowe

    In this mp3 formatted educational and informative interview, you will discover . . .

    • Why parenting is such a challenge in today's world.
    • Why kids don't behave and what to do to change it.
    • How to do "time outs" anywhere that really work and end annoying and negative behavior for good.
    • What's enough and what's too much for scheduling your child's extra activities.
    • What to do when your child is being manipulative and you get caught up in it.
    • And much, much more . . .

    Don't miss out on this very special premium audio bonus! (Value: $39.00)

  5. Premium Bonus #4 Audio MP3
    parenting book audio mp3
    "Take Back Your Parenting Powers System"
    Audio Version of the book!

  6. Premium Bonus #8 Audio MP3
    "Say Good bye to Tantrums" digital Download. Listen to a recorded tele-class on how to Keep you clear and focused on your goals and direction, strategize your actions, upgrade your skills, optimize Your Environment so that achieving your goals becomes effortless, and master Your Psychology and overcome any fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, or insecurities that might be holding you back.

  7. Premium Bonus #9 Private FB Group
    susan epsteinPriceless! (Access to Susan and other Powerful Parents 24/7)

  8. Premium Bonus #10 Parenting Powers Community
    susan epsteinSusan's Virtual Library-
    Audios, Videos & Hand outs, Special VIP promotions, Free Classes, etc... (Value- Lifetime $997)

  9. Premium Bonus #11 Strategy Session

    Free Turn My Child's Behavior Around Immediately Strategy Session (Value - $350)


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"Take Back Your Parenting Powers 2.0"
Over 50 pages of techniques and strategies to start taking back your parenting power.
Format: Book
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Bonus #1:
"How Labels, Meds & Individual Therapy are Hurting our Kids."
Special Report.
Format: PDF - Worth $29

Bonus #2
"Three Things You Should Know Before Talking to Your Kids About Sex & Drugs."
Special Report
Format PDF- Worth $29

Bonus #3
Interview with Parent Coach Susan by reporter Armi Sevilla-Rowe
35 minutes audio interview
Format MP3- Worth $39

Bonus #4
"Take Back Your Parenting Powers System" audio recording.
Format MP3- Worth $59

Bonus #5
"Get Peace and Harmony" audio recording.
Format MP3- Worth $59
Bonus #6
"Escape Homework Hassle" audio recording.
Format MP3- Worth $59
Bonus #7
"How To Get Your Kids Respect Immediately" audio recording.
Format MP3- Worth $59
Bonus #8
Say Good bye to Tantrums digital Download
Format MP3 - Worth $67
Bonus #9
Private FB Group - Access to Susan and other Powerful Parents 24/7
Membership - Worth Priceless!
Bonus #10 Parenting Powers Community -Susan's Virtual Library- Audios, Videos & Hand outs, Special VIP promotions, Free Classes, etc...
Membership - Worth Lifetime $997
Bonus #11 Turn My Child's Behavior Around Immediately Strategy Session
Strategy Session - Worth $350
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