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Dear Parent,

     Have you ever seen a family with a child that was so well behaved and maybe you wondered, why didn’t I get one of those? Perhaps your child’s behavior is inconsistent, sometimes well behaved and other times a nightmare. Or maybe it is you that has been inconsistent and sometimes you gave in and other times you put your foot down? But..

      Are you so exhausted, embarrassed and disappointed from the daily power struggles and disrespectful behavior that you dread spending time with your kids?  And to top it off are you worried that if you don’t do something now your child’s behavior is only going to get worse?  Are you sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next phone call from another parent, the school or the police?

     Are you ready to turn your child’s behavior around but you just don’t know how to get started or what to do? Or maybe things have been so bad, so chaotic or so out of control for so long that you are scared that it might be too late even thought you know deep down that s/he is really a great loving kid?

     Well if you are scared for your child’s future and are also feeling stuck because you don’t know where to start…or worried that it will be too hard, take too long , be too much work, cost too much money then please keep reading…

Why Ellen’s 14 Year Old Son Was Handcuffed, Arrested & Fingerprinted…

     One day Jeffrey came home from school with a chip on his shoulder. His mother asked him what was wrong and Jeffrey went into a tirade like his mother had never ever seen before. He started throwing lamps, tables, pushing things to the floor. Ellen hid in the bathroom and called Rick. Rick called the police who met him at the house. Jeffrey was arrested for assault and endangerment. Ellen and Rick followed the police car to the station. Jeffrey was finger printed and released to his parents with an order to appear in Juvenile Court the next day. When they returned home, Jeffrey went to his room, Ellen cried herself to sleep and Rick called a lawyer.

     The next day the family appeared in court.  Ellen mortified and ashamed tried to hide behind a magazine while the family waited for over two hours. Jeffrey appeared sullen and angry and Rick paced. Finally they met with a juvenile probation officer. The probation officer told the parents that Jeffrey needed “anger management”. Ellen told the PO that Jeffrey had been in therapy and on meds since he was 5. The probation officer shrugged his shoulders and suggested that the family look around for a residential treatment facility for Jeffrey. Meanwhile, Jeffrey would have to be drug tested once a month at the court. Those were the rules.

The clues to Jeffrey’s bad behavior in his expulsion from pre-school…

     From the time Jeffrey Miller was two years old he was a handful. Ellen, quit her job to stay home with Jeffrey but she secretly used to wish that she could go back to her corporate job with all the demands, long hours, commute, etc... because it was a piece of cake next to taking care of her little boy.

     Rick was a devoted husband and father but he had no patience for dealing with Jeffrey’s “nos!” and never-ending tantrums. Jeffrey challenged his parents at every chance he could get; from throwing temper tantrums in stores if he didn’t get a toy or candy to hitting and spitting at his mother when she was trying to dress him, brush his teeth, feed him or put him to bed. Jeffrey’s dad would yell, “Don’t hit your mother!” then give Jeffrey a spank.

     Ellen was at a loss and began reading parenting books, magazines and talking to other mothers. Ellen tried time outs but these turned into day long battles of will and by the time Jeffrey was 4, Ellen found herself giving in to him just to avoid another battle.

   When it was time for Jeffrey to go to preschool, Ellen was excited because she felt that the reason he was so difficult was because he didn’t have other kids to play with on a regular basis. What appeared at first to be a solution turned into the beginning of a nightmare for Ellen. Jeffrey was asked to leave 3 preschools that first year due to biting and hitting other children and being disrespectful and rude to staff. Each time it was the same scenario: “Maybe you should take him to therapy…he is an angry little boy.”


How the Mental Health System Raked In Over $55,000 From The Miller Family While Jeffrey’s Behavior Went From Bad to Worse…

     With nowhere to turn and anticipating that kindergarten would be a disaster, Ellen made an appointment to see a child therapist. In the waiting room, Jeffrey started throwing the toys and books and screaming at the top of his lungs. Ellen tried to calm him down but couldn’t. Other mothers and fathers gave her glaring and pitying stares. Ellen felt so ashamed. Finally it was Jeffrey’s turn and the therapist asked him to come in. He refused clinging to his mother and tore her skirt. The therapist informed Ellen that Jeffrey’s problems were too severe and she was making a referral to a psychiatrist. Ellen couldn’t believe her ears…her little boy not yet 5 years old was being referred to a shrink? Ellen wondered where she had gone wrong; was she a bad mother? Was this something genetic?

    The following week Ellen and Rick brought Jeffrey in to see Dr. Wright, the psychiatrist. The doctor said that Jeffrey most likely had ADHD or a conduct disorder. Either way the only way to be sure was to give Jeffrey trial of medications. The doctor prescribed Ritalin for Jeffrey and to wait and see if his behavior improved. Ellen and Rick were not happy about this, the side effects seemed dangerous and Ellen knew in the back of her head that she had issues and problems of her own that got in the way of her being an effective mother. But they listened to the doctor and gave Jeffrey the pills. So…

    Jeffrey became Dr. Wright’s patient and Ellen sat in the waiting room every Tuesday from 4pm-4:30pm. Their health insurance didn’t cover office visits so in one year the visits to the psychiatrists totaled $7200 and the cost of the medications totaled more than $2700. By the time Jeffrey was in the 8th grade, Ellen and Rick had spent over $24,000 on Jeffrey’s meds and over $64,500 on visits with Dr. Wright. Even though it was a huge financial strain, both Ellen and Rick would have done anything to help their son and felt that they were doing the right thing. But the funny thing was that Jeffrey wasn’t happy. Aside from the absence of tantrums, nothing much had changed over the years. Jeffrey wasn’t social and was often cranky and irritable at the end of the day. Ellen and Rick had to walk around on egg shells so as not to upset him. Ellen had been reading books about ADHD and food allergies and was always trying to find the perfect diet that would cure Jeffrey.

*Parents spend thousands and thousands of dollars on therapy and medications and special diets that don’t work. In their case the medications made Jeffrey socially numb, isolated and depressed.

How Ellen & Rick Got Jeffrey’s Behavior Turned Around Once and For All…

       Ellen and Rick did not want to send their child away. They did not want to give up on the boy that they knew deep down was a great and loving kid. They were both at their wits end. One night that week Ellen had been watching TV and noticed a new show about a nanny who comes to the house and mentors the parents. Ellen told Rick that she wanted to get someone like that! She wanted to save her son and so far they had not been steered in the right direction. Maybe she and Rick could learn how to help their son. They searched the internet so….

       When Ellen called me and asked me to come and help, we made the arrangements. I arrived on a Friday afternoon around 3pm just as Jeffrey was getting off the bus. He pushed right past me and his mother looked at me and shrugged. I asked her if this was okay with her. And she said, “Of course not, he was rude to you.” So I said, go get him.” That’s how we started and we worked together for two and a half days. From that moment on I gave mom and dad every opportunity to be in charge but instead of yelling and spanking I introduced them to my ‘Parenting Powers Advanced System’ and taught them how to get respect and cooperation from their son.

      During the weekend we spoke about Jeffrey’s feelings that he could never do anything right and his parents always yelled and threatened punishments that they never followed through with. Jeffrey said that he knew how to get what he wanted from his parents and that he was in charge. We also spoke about the years of therapy and medication, how Jeffrey felt “different” being labeled ADHD and how difficult the past 9 years had been a “nightmare” for the whole family. Ellen and Rick decided to end the psychiatric sessions and made an appointment to find out how to get Jeffrey off his medications properly.


*The day of Jeffrey’s arrest he had rebounded from the ADHD medication going out of his system at the end of the day. Many families dread the evenings when their children’s meds wear off. Parents are often not told all the possible side effects of medications and a situation like this can be very frightening, dangerous and misunderstood. Jeffrey didn’t need to be arrested (it wasn’t his fault or Ellen’s or Rick’s…they were all following Dr’s orders).

* Residential treatment facilities do not work in changing children’s behaviors. Children learn more anti-social behaviors when living with other children with similar issues. Parents can have the biggest impact in teaching children what is expected and what the rules are. Keeping a child at home and in the community is the best case scenario for most kids.


   For the next 6 months I worked with Ellen and Rick every week via the telephone. Occasionally Jeffrey would join us on the call, but mostly to tell me how great things were going at home and school. Jeffrey had started making friends, was getting along better with his parents and off all psychiatric medications. Ellen and Rick report that their son is that great and loving child that they always knew was there.

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