Dear Mom and Dad,

Why are you always yelling at me? “Do this, pick up that, put this away, do your homework, get off the computer, set the table, brush your teeth!” It really drives me crazy, that you never just let me be. You ask me why I don’t listen to you. Well, everything you say sounds the same…plus you are on me all the time. I cannot finish a thought, a TV show, a computer game or even a conversation!

You think that I have ADD because you think that I don’t focus. Well, YOU don’t let me focus. You are constantly interrupting everything I do. That is the real reason why I can never finish anything. And to top it off, I feel like I can never do anything right.

Look, I am happy (well not jumping for joy) but ok about doing my chores, my share to pitch in. But give me a break…a chance before you start in on me again.

Why don’t you hand me a list of stuff to do and put a deadline on it? Let me mangage my time and figure out when to get in done. Then if I don’t follow through, you can yell at me all you want and I’ll accept responsibility.

Just stop nagging. It just makes me want to go to my room and get away from you. It also makes me say mean things to you like “whatever!”, roll my eyes, and definetly not do what you asked me to do.

You think I hate you. But that isn’t it. You just make me so angry! All because I didn’t take out the trash in the 5 minute window you gave me. Mom, Dad, get a grip. I need you to give me structure not a lecture.


Your son/daughter

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