Wow, that is loaded. Of course we want

our kids to like us! As humans we desire
connection and validation. So how do we
get them to like us without getting walked
all over and losing control?

Do you ever back down and give in because
you think that your kid won’t like you?
Is it hard to be the “bad” guy? If you answered
yes to these questions, then join the ranks
of hundreds of parents that I have been
talking with.

Just this morning, while coaching a couple
about parenting their two young children,
The Dad shared “I used to be the easy one,
I wanted my kids to like me…now I realize
as I have used your methods and am now
on top of my discipline…that my kids
are liking, respecting and loving me more
than before!”

Seem strange? It is, and I will tell you why.

=> Kids want structure.

=> They want to know the rules.

=> They want to know the consequences.

=> They want you to follow through.

=> They want you to supervise them and
set limits.

=> Because it makes them feel safe.

=> In their eyes you look predictable and in control.

=> It takes the guess work out of “Oh, know
what is going to happen to me when my
Mom or Dad find out what I did?

=> It is reassuring and relieves anxiety.

Did you ever think that consistent, no nonsense
discipline could be that beneficial?

So stop worrying about whether your kids
will like you and give them what they need:

You to be on 100% of the time paying attention,
supervising, guiding and nurturing.

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