Besides talking back, the number one problem

parents come to me with is sibling conflict.

We all know that all siblings squabble and this
is “normal”. But sometimes parents feel that
they can’t catch a break. They go from being
the ref, judge or jury to ignoring the fighting
and letting the kids work it out themselves.

Very few parents have figured this out and
have found one way that works to put an
end to the conflicts once or for all.

Here’s the rub…siblings fight because
there is no real incentive to make up. On
the playground or in the neighborhood if
they fight with a friend…unless they make
up with that friend…they have lost that
playmate and may find they have no
one to play with. So they make up out
of the need to have that relationship.

At home, your brother is always your
brother, your sister is always your matter how you treat them.
What’s the incentive?

In order for your kids to want to treat
each other civilly or even with love:)
you need to encourage them to
play/spend time together doing things
they all enjoy. This takes work on
your part. The trick is that alone they
can’t do this activity…they need the
other person to complete the task.

Thus, the incentive to get along.

So, Susan, you ask, how can I
get them to agree or even talk about
finding common activities?

The Family Meeting…family meetings
are the best way to get decisions made
and increase communication between
all family members. Whether the kids
are very young or teens or a combo
this is THE BEST way to get the
peaceful home you want want and

If you don’t have your copy of the
Take Back Your Parenting Power System
book…don’t procrastinate…get your
copy today and read the chapter on
family meetings and have your first
family meeting ASAP.

If you already have your copy, take
it off the shelf and re-read that
chapter…you won’t be sorry!

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I have outlined how to have the
Best Family Meeting On The Block.

Parents who have implemented this
have reported to me, less fighting,
more cooperation and more peace
and harmony at home.

Wishing you a peaceful home…

Your Parent Coach,

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