Mary Ellen was the kind of person that
everyone wanted to be friends with. She
was loving, compassionate and always
available to help anyone in need. She
helped neighbors and family members
when they were in a jam.

Not only was she a great friend, she
was a great wife and mother.She did
all the house-work, shopped and cooked
for all the meals…helped her 3 kids
with homework, brought them to soccer
and piano lessons and even stayed up late
making everyone’s lunches and paying the

Did I mention that Mary Ellen also worked
full time? She rarely complained…but
lately Mary Ellen wasn’t feeling great.
The kids were talking back and not
cooperating with pitching in. She and
Stan hadn’t been intimate in months,
maybe years…
When Mary Ellen called me for a Parent
Coaching Consultation she stated that her
kids don’t respect her. I asked her how she
felt about herself…

There was a long silence on the phone…
and then she shared that she did not
respect herself one little bit. She had stopped
taking care of herself in the name of keeping
everyone else in her life happy.

She was 40 but she felt 100. After each
pregnancy she never lost all her pre- weight
and now she was plain old disgusted with
herself. At 5 feet 2 inches and 50 pounds
overweight. She couldn’t even look in the
mirror and hadn’t colored her hair in months.

And that wasn’t all…she couldn’t play with
her kids, she had no energy. She was on
blood pressure medication and insulin for
Type II Diabetes. Her doctor had been on
her to lose weight. She had tried every diet
in the book…she lost and then gained back
twice as much.

She also wondered if her kids were embarrassed
by her appearance. It had certainly affected her


Mary Ellen was compromising her own health
in the name of her family…

Maybe this sounds like you. Maybe you put
others needs even before your own health.

How can you really be there for your family
if you are not well? And how can you get them
to respect you if you don’t even respect yourself?

How would you like to… Take Care of Yourself and
Get Your Kids’ Respect….all at the same time?

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