You probably think,

“How did our home life get to
this low point? My teen
has everything a kid could
want, yet I am completely
ashamed, embarrassed and at
a loss about at his or her behavior.

In fact, things have gotten so bad,
that we aren’t speaking much
and I am walking around
on eggshells trying to avoid
a confrontation.”

This is no way to live because
your home should be a refuge
not a war zone.

The reality is that most parents
now-a-days struggle to some
degree with getting their teenagers to
talk to them civilly, participate in
family life and complete chores
and homework.

And the struggle often
leads to the parent giving up
because it is so difficult when you feel
so exhausted and beat down from
all the negativity coming at you.

That’s when things really start
falling apart:

=> Poor grades

=> Back Talk

=> Domestic violence

=> Drugs and Alcohol

=> Sex

=> Disconnect from you

I am here to help…

Currently I have room for 3 new parents
who want to work with me individually to
turn their teen’s behavior around and get
back that kind and loving kid that used to
live with you.

If you and your teen are stressed beyond
belief and you are really worried about
his or her future contact me.


Best wishes for a peaceful home,

Your Parent Coach,


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