Last week I sent an
email about how important
it is for us “parents”
to take care of ourselves.
“If Mamma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody

I heard back from many of
you and you told me that this
was so true for you.

When I asked, “What gets
in the way of eating well,
exercising, etc…?

The #1 answer was “permission”.

Giving ourselves permission
to put ourselves first. Most
of us never do this. We allow
kids, work, and other
outside things to dictate
how our day will be.

Here’s something to try:

Get a paper and pen now.

Write down what an ideal
day would look like for you.
Include what you would eat,
where you would go…who
if anyone would be there.


Now pick one thing on your
list and do that today.

Making time for you…makes
you a better,a more patient

My offer is still available
if you want to hear about
my new wellness coaching
program for parents…

If you want this…

Hit reply to this email
and include what you
are struggling with along
with your phone number
and best times to reach

Helping you be a powerful
parent is what I do…
and it starts with you!

Here is the recap of
last week’s email in
case you missed it:

Think about this:

1. Are you spending extra
monies on doctor visits? On
medications for Type II diabetes,
high blood pressure, high

2. Are you feeling stressed and
tired and you’re sick and tired
of feeling sick and tired?

3. Are you carrying around
extra weight that is robbing you of
health and possibly quality of

Here are some of the major
complaints I hear from so many of
my clients, and Moms who write in
to me:

“Sometimes I feel so tired and
depressed. I know I should be
giving more to my kids, but there
isn’t even enough of my energy
left by the end of the work day.
Then I haven’t eating all day and
I come home and I can just hear
that food calling to me even before
dinner. By the time I’m done I
have eaten “nibbles” of all the
wrong things which adds tons of
calories I don’t need. What do I

“I gained 40 pounds when I had
my second child and haven’t been
able to get it off. Now I tend to
snack and eat whatever is around
and I know it isn’t healthy. I
need help because I’m
stress-eating. I don’t have time
to exercise and I’ve spent a ton
of money on weight loss fads that
don’t work. I want something
tried and true but I’m scared
I’ll make the wrong choice.”

“I look and feel so much better
with just ten pounds less on me. I
don’t know why I haven’t
conquered it. Any suggestions?”

“I can smell chocolate ten miles
away! I’m SUCH a Chocoholic!
Jane sees food, Jane eats food.
Get the picture??? Gosh if I could
just see myself finally back at my
pre-pregnancy weight it would be a
dream come true.”

I would guess that you may be
saying something similar at times.
Well there are answers and there is
help. I have a new “Parenting
Wellness Component” I am getting
ready to launch in a few weeks
but…if you really need

this now…I’ll make time to
connect with you….

If not – if you can wait, I’ll
be unveiling my Parenting Wellness
Component to make you an even MORE
powerful parent very soon.

Wishing you a peaceful home,
Your Parent Coach,

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