Happy Halloween!

All the last minute running around
for the little ones, costumes & face-paint.
And for the big ones, Party!

How did Halloween become so
big? Houses are decorated like
the giant pumpkin, graveyards
are popping up all over our
front lawns, even feet coming
out of graves! Boo!

I’m sure everyone is going to
have a lot of fun tonight.

And this is the perfect opportunity
for you to practice your
“Robotic Parent” routine.

If you hear whing, begging or
arguing…”Just one more house!”

You say…no emotion…

“That is not appropriate”
with a robot voice, as many
times as you have to until
you child stops.”

If you hear, “Everyone’s staying
at the party til 2am and
it’s not fair that I have to be
home at 11pm!”

You say…in Full Robot Attire-

“Please don’t argue with me
that is disrespectful”.

As many times as you need to.


=> Halloween on Friday night
means teens stay out out later.

=> Possibly outside.

=> Marijuana and Alcohol

=> and sorry, Sex

So…Even if you don’t have a
curfew for your teen..this is
a great night to start…

“You will be home by “such
and such a time, no ifs, ands
or buts”.

And if they aren’t home…go get them.

Yes, get in the car and find them.

Protect your kids. Be the best
robot you know how to and
don’t lose your cool.

Best wishes for a sweet, tummy
ache free Halloween.

Your Parent Coach,

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