Home stretch after the long Holiday Weekend. Cooking, company, shopping, kids, kids, kids! Maybe it is only 8am on Sunday morning and your nerves are already frazzled. How do you stay calm? When getting your child to respect you sometimes in the repeating over and over again, “You will not speak to me that way”, you might notice that your blood pressure is starting to rise. Or the 5th time you have brought your child back to time out and s/he is still wiggling and screaming…you start to feel a yell coming out of you. (Maybe you even say…”If you don’t stay in time out then no TV for the rest of the day!”

Anger is one of the hardest things to control for your child and yes, for you!  So I want you to keep saying to yourself:”This is not about me trying to have power over my child; this is about me teaching my child how to control anger and impulsivity. Then go get the “post its” and write the following on them:

  • I am a calm parent
  • I teach impulsivity control
  • I have a peaceful home
  • I am most powerful when I am calm
  • I am the “child whisperer”

Now put these post its all over the house..fridge, mirrors, walls, everywhere you can think of. Use this simple technique to stay calm and watch the magic unfold…

The #1 best way to teach children is through example. So if you show your child just how calm
you can stay your child will follow your lead.

Are You also Tired of Nagging? Want kids to clean up their rooms and do their chores without being asked hundreds of times..and with a smile on their face?  Who wouldn’t want that?

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