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Do you want your kids to like you?

Wow, that is loaded. Of course we want our kids to like us! As humans we desire connection and validation. So how do we get them to like us without getting walked all over and losing control? Do you ever back down and give in because you think that your kid... read more

Mom, Dad, he started it!

Besides talking back, the number one problem parents come to me with is sibling conflict. We all know that all siblings squabble and this is “normal”. But sometimes parents feel that they can’t catch a break. They go from being the ref, judge or jury... read more

Teens, Attitude? Whatever?

You probably think, “How did our home life get to this low point? My teen has everything a kid could want, yet I am completely ashamed, embarrassed and at a loss about at his or her behavior. In fact, things have gotten so bad, that we aren’t speaking much and I am... read more

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted?

Moms are chronically putting ourselves last.. Not eating well, sacrificing sleep and not exercising. Sometimes we even stop looking at ourselves in the mirror! And I know that if you listened you have probably tried lots of weight loss programs and diets…and we... read more

What Kids & Cucumbers Have In Common

“Expect nothing; live frugally on surprise.” -Alice Waters I planted a vegetable garden about 6 weeks ago. Lettuce, pole beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs. Every day I go out and check it. For weeks very little happened…and then today I went out... read more